Where independent professionals can connect, learn, grow, and build

The journey for independent professionals can sometimes feel lonely or overwhelming:

Pressure to “do it all” yourself

The dilemma of where to turn for advice or guidance

Not knowing where to start on a project or goal

We've all been there.

The Advisor Roots Online Community is part coworking space, part resource library, and part launchpad.

We looked at the problems facing so many independent professionals, and we saw the solution in real human connection. While social media platforms like LinkedIn can be powerful tools for networking and gaining professional recognition, they don’t fulfill the need that so many professionals feel: to find connection and support for the journey. When you join The Community, you’ll gain access to our incredible Agency Experts—vetted and trusted professionals who are great at what they do—but you’ll also find topical advice, solutions to some of your stickiest problems, and support from other like-minded professionals.

The Community is for you if:

You’ve been feeling stuck or your business is struggling.

Gain insight, explore your options, and build momentum toward new growth and success.

You’re interested in taking your business to the next level but aren’t sure where to start.

Access resources, tutorials, and experts so you can put the pieces in place for a great project.

You’ve got a project in the works, but you need a little bit of support to see it through.

Find professionals you can trust, fresh ideas, and support from people who have been there.

You’re cruising along comfortably but don’t want to grow stagnant or complacent.

Expand your connections, gather inspiration, and stay on top of ever-changing trends.

Choose your plan:



$400/month per user

  • Membership to the private online community
  • Access to all workshops, resources, downloads, and tutorials
  • Coworking Office Hours with experts
  • Private sessions with Advisor Roots consultants at $250/hr

Community Plus+

$750/month per user


  • Membership to the private online community
  • Access to all workshops, resources, downloads, and tutorials
  • Coworking Office Hours with experts
  • One monthly private session with Advisor Roots consultants. Additional private sessions at $250/hr
  • Project Success Manager assigned to your account
  • Private Project Workspace for collaborating with your Success Manager and other partners

Community Consultant

3 month minimum


  • Up to four memberships to the private online community. Additional memberships $400/month/user
  • Access to all workshops, resources, downloads, and tutorials
  • Coworking Office Hours with experts
  • Weekly private call with Advisor Roots consultants with: Prepared meeting agenda, Post-call recap, Actionable to-do list
  • Coaching on best practices
  • Project coordination
  • Collaboration with Agency Experts
  • Project Success Manager assigned to your account
  • Private Project Workspace for collaborating with your Success Manager and other partners

Ready to jump in?

Want to see more?

Are you a business with 10 employees or more and looking for memberships for all your employees? We have an Enterprise Membership plan to fit your needs. Learn More

Memberships include a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you join and decide The Community isn’t for you or isn’t what you thought, we’ll refund your membership fee.

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.

- Helen Keller

A look inside the community

Wondering what you can expect as a member of our community? Let's take a look:

When you join be sure to Say Hello!

We want every new member to feel like they’re a valued part of our community, so we encourage everyone to make a post to introduce themselves, what they do, and what they hope to get out of The Community. Be sure to check this section even after you’ve become an established member so you can make connections with newcomers and help make them feel welcome.

Within The Community, there are lots of
opportunities to ask for advice or feedback.

Members, Agency Experts, and the Advisor Roots team will all be available to weigh in on your questions or those pesky problems you can’t find a solution for. While traditional consulting can fill this gap for some, nothing beats having an active community where people can respond in real-time and offer quick responses so you can get on with what you do best.

You’ll also be able to take part in the general community conversation.

The Community is not just here when you’re struggling; we also want to offer a place to find tips and suggestions that can help you step up your game and solve problems before they even have a chance to arise. Keep an eye out for conversations around trending topics, best practices, new tools and workflows, or better ways to streamline your operations.

Celebrate your victories, big and small, with our Member Showcase!

Did you just finish a big project or launch a new product? Use our Showcase to brag on yourself or your team a little. Tell us what’s going great for you and let us all have the chance to cheer you on. Or share something you’ve been thinking about or innovating around; your thought leadership may provide the kind of inspiration someone is looking for.

Keep up to date on community happenings
via the Events Calendar.

The Community is full of events and chances to engage with the Advisor Roots team, our Agency Experts, and other members. Everything will be available to browse on our Events Calendar, which will list the date, time, and description of every event so you can plan accordingly.

You’ll be able to search our resources by topic.

Maybe you’ve got a project on the horizon and you know you need to begin immersing yourself in information about it or perhaps you are becoming aware of something you need to improve about your operations. Our Resource Library is an ever-growing collection of tutorials, workshops, and downloads that can help you learn, improve, and begin exploring new topics.

Enjoy a platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

So often, people find a new tool or platform that makes big promises about how it can help them grow or develop, but when they get inside, they find that they can’t figure out how to do anything. We know those frustrations well, so we’ve purposely designed The Community to operate in a way that makes it easy to navigate and simple to learn, mimicking aspects of other well-known and frequently used tools like Notion or Slack so there’s no steep learning curve.

What makes
The Community great

Join The Community

Want to see The Community in action?  Take a tour

Want to know if The Community
is a right fit for you?

The Community
is a great fit for you if you:

The Community
won’t be a great fit if you:

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

-Booker T. Washington

Have you ever
experienced any of these?

Had a great idea but had no idea of where to start in making it a reality

Felt stuck and needed someone to help you figure out why

Found that your work as an independent professional felt lonely or isolating

Knew you needed to learn more about a specific topic but weren’t sure who to trust

Felt overwhelmed by all the things you were going to have to learn to do yourself as an independent professional

Wanted to make sure you’re not wasting time or money on something that isn’t going to work

These are all problems that we had in mind when we built The Community. We understand that independent professionals face specific obstacles and roadblocks, and we wanted to make those hassles a little easier to overcome by handcrafting a community for people just like you.