Telling Your Story

Ben once picked green beans to buy a computer. Fresh chose a random college internship that changed her life. But there’s a lot more to the story of Advisor Roots than that.

Every business has a story to tell, and each one of those stories contains clues about how that business can help its clients. Our story is a tale of two people who discovered that their skills and experience were a perfect fit to help trusted advisors elevate their online presence.

We’d like to tell you about it.

Fereshteh: Internships and Advice for Advisors

Fereshteh Fattaahi, known to friends and colleagues as “Fresh,” began a career working with advisors entirely by accident. In need of some college internship credits, her university sent her to an icon of the insurance industry who worked collaboratively with trusted advisors—CPAs, trust and estate attorneys, and tax professionals—to execute tax-saving strategies for privately-held businesses and high-net-worth clients. This was Fresh’s introduction to insurance as a high-end portfolio investment, rather than a simple hedge against the costs of death and disaster.

Eager to get some corporate finance experience before graduating, Fresh took a second internship with Sony Pictures. That internship turned into a job, which then turned into six-and-a-half years working in the entertainment industry at Universal Music Group and Capitol Records. Eventually, she realized she preferred her work with advisors. Her former boss was happy to welcome her back, and later she helped him build a startup to serve advisors who found his very high-level main services out of reach.

Fresh noticed that every advisor asked one common question: “Where’s my next client coming from?” She discovered that one of the best strategies was to maintain a high level of continuous and intentional marketing activity that attracted a constant flow of new right-fit clients and strategic partnerships. She decided to create her own business to help advisors do just that.

But while she could craft messages, facilitate communication, and organize projects, there was something so many advisors needed that she couldn’t supply: help with their websites. Needing to partner with a web designer, she immediately thought of the person who had built her own website: Ben Daron.

Ben: A Tale of Green Beans and Websites

Ben grew up on an Ohio farm. Even though he wasn’t interested in a future in farming, his experience on the farm taught him a lot about how a small business operates, how it grows, and the failures and successes it can experience.

In fifth grade, he bought his first computer with money made from picking green beans. He chose a Gateway PC because he liked their cowhide-design packaging. He started teaching himself everything he could about graphic design, media, and websites; then he used that hard-won knowledge to build a website for his parents’ farm.

It was a simple brochure site designed to get their name out there, show people what they were growing, and offer their contact info. But the site took off because it was such a rarity for a small business in 2006, especially in small-town Ohio. This opened Ben’s eyes to the growing possibilities of technology and online marketing.

After college, Ben held a variety of different roles in sales, marketing, and project management before starting his own agency offering small business websites, design, and consulting.

Fresh and Ben: The Road to Advisor Roots

In 2017, Fresh was looking for a website designer and was connected to Ben through a mutual friend. She liked him right away. They were two children of the Midwest with ambition and skills, and she sensed that he was trustworthy and reliable.

Fresh loved both her new website and her experience working with Ben. So when she decided she needed to partner with a website developer, Ben was her first choice. He said yes to the opportunity right away.

Over the next few years, Fresh and Ben worked on a number of projects together. Their combined knowledge, skills, and experience made them a great team. In 2020, they decided to formally join forces and start their own company, pulling in their favorite vendors they’d worked with under one umbrella business: Advisor Roots.

Ben’s technological and marketing expertise combined with Fresh’s industry background uniquely positions Advisor Roots to help trusted advisors tell their stories clearly and concisely.

That’s Our Story. What’s Yours?

When starting any business endeavor, it’s crucial to have a plan and a strategy for carrying it out. That’s why we didn’t start Advisor Roots until we were clear on what we wanted it to be.

We planned to:

  • Focus on businesses where our experience and expertise would help most.
  • Treat clients the way we want to be treated.
  • Be responsive, never leaving clients wondering for weeks what was happening with a project.
  • Sell a client only what they needed, not everything we could charge for, and inform clients when items on their wishlist weren’t yet necessary for the stage they were in their marketing.

We know the importance of building trust. And we know that the way to build trust is simply to be trustworthy and demonstrate it over and over. We approach every facet of the business with integrity, which serves both our clients and ourselves.

A key feature of working with Advisor Roots is that we help trusted advisors tell the stories that explain their value to potential clients. We hope that our story shows why we are uniquely equipped to help you do just that.

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