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The Advisor Roots Story

When Ben and Fresh first met, they were each running their own business: Fresh was working with independent financial advisors and insurance producers to clarify their messaging and engage in meaningful marketing while Ben was building effective and up-to-date websites for small businesses. After having Ben build a website for her own business, Fresh began to loop him into projects with some of her own clients who also needed help establishing themselves online. It didn’t take long for them both to realize how much they could offer clients when they worked together.
Advisor Roots was officially founded in 2020, combining Ben’s web-savvy and Fresh’s knowledge of the financial services and insurance industry. Together, they were able to offer high-quality marketing strategy and expert guidance on building an online presence to many independent financial advisors. Then Ben began to reflect on all the small business owners he’d worked with over the years, and an idea began to emerge: what if they expanded their reach to include more than just insurance and financial advisors? What if they aimed to change the journey for trusted advisors in all kinds of industries?
Over the years, Fresh and Ben have both built strong professional relationships with experts in all kinds of fields to bridge the gaps in their own areas of expertise. They began bringing those trusted partners together, and The Advisor Roots Agency was born: a collective of talented and vetted experts in various specialties. Ben and Fresh had both experienced the power of collaboration, so they also started The Advisor Roots Community to be a place where trusted independent professionals could gather to ask questions, gain insight, and learn from the Advisor Roots team and each other.

Meet the TeamGet to know the people behind Advisor Roots

Fereshteh "Fresh"Fattaahi





Director of Operations


Success Manager


Success Manager

Meet our Agency ExpertsGet to know the talented professionals in The Advisor Roots Agency

Ahmed MalikWordpress Developer

Taking a client’s goals and figuring out technical solutions to make their vision a reality.

Amy AshleyCopywriter

Making sure everything is spelled correctly and all the commas are in the right place, sometimes diagramming the sentence in her mind, just for fun.

Crystal MisslerWordpress Designer & Developer

Bringing all pieces of a web project together to create sites that are both beautiful and effective.

Jason SimkoBrand Designer

A hands-on practitioner who studied in both the US and Europe and knows the ins and outs of a comprehensive, successful brand identity campaign.

Judi HarringtonTestimonial Expert
& Newsletter Coach

A firm believer in the power of email, encouraging folks to quit chasing the algorithm and make better use of their existing email lists.

Kari GillenwaterCreative Branding &
Messaging Strategist

Specializing in helping clients identify and leverage their strengths to improve personal productivity, team performance, role alignment, and hiring.

Where we workBecause excellence doesn't have an address

Advisor Roots is headquartered in Austin, TX

While our official headquarters is in Austin, Texas, that’s not where you’ll find most of the Advisor Roots work being done. We love remote work and think that giving our people the freedom to work wherever they want allows for more creativity and better results.

Our commitment to working with the best of the best means our team and The Agency is made up of individuals from all over.

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